Turning 65 is a huge step and a new chapter in life. Enjoying your retirement with a happy mind and a healthy body is important. The government insures your health insurance with a medicare plan. The plan covers both your hospital as well as Medicare Advantage plans needs with its part A and part B of the original medicare. The medicare advantage plans are extra beneficial plans which are provided by private health insurance companies. These private companies first have to be insured by medicare. Along with managing part A and B of the medicare they also provide part C of the Medicare plan as well. Some of the medicare advantage plans also cover your prescription drug coverage as well.

Humana is one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States, established in 1961. Along with providing one of the most beneficial plans, they are affordable and insures less out-of-pocket expenses as well. They provide HMO, SNP, PFFS, and PPO plans as well. The Special Needs Plan is a special plan offered by Humana medicare. If you are suffering from any chronic disease like cardiovascular disease, lung disorder, end-stage renal disease, diabetes, or heart failure and if you are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, you are eligible to enrol for the Special Needs plan as well.

All the Special Needs plan also cover your prescription drug needs that are part D of your medicare, along with part A and part B of your medicare. These plans are suitable for people who have a particular health condition and need health coverage. They are specially designed to suit your specific health condition. Along with prescription drug coverage, these plans also provide dental coverage, vision coverage as well as hearing coverage. With enrolment in any of the Humana Special Needs plan,  you get the extra benefit of non-emergency transportation services,  a membership in various fitness programs to keep your physical health on a check, along with access to over the counter medicines as well.

Humana Special Needs plan provides two basic options. The first plan is the Chronic Condition Special Needs Plan which covers disorders like cardiovascular, chronic heart failure, end-stage kidney disease, chronic lung disorders, and diabetes mellitus. The other plan is Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan which is suited for individuals who are entitled to Medicaid as well as Medicare. People with certain disabilities are also eligible for this plan.

Humana SNP plans provide a monthly premium coverage at a very affordable price, with plans with $0 coverage as well. These plans provide personalised guidance and help you get the right medical care for your specific condition. It provides health and wellness programs and extra benefits which are tailored to your requirements. If you have diabetes as a chronic disease then SNP plans would provide diabetic services and care coordination as an extra benefit. So if you require a plan specially tailored to your health needs, Humana SNP is the best-suited plan for you.